Optimum Health Now is all about helping you reach a place of optimum health and happiness at the perfect time and pace for you.

We provide a supportive and nurturing environment – with a little bit of humour and quirkiness mixed in!

In each session a variety of techniques, expertise along with coaching are incorporated for optimum health outcomes.

Two of the most powerful of these, for client optimum health, are Reiki and The LifeLine Technique™.

Optimum Health Now provides you with the energy, the support and safe space for you to get what you need and want.

Where necessary we guide and assist you to come up with the answers you need about your life.

Optimum Health Now isn’t only open to humans – our pets are very often just as much a member of the family as we humans are!

Reiki and The LifeLine Technique™ work just as effectively on animals as humans, in fact more so.